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Sikand Immigration Law Professional Corporation is a law firm representing individuals and businesses in a broad range of immigration services.

Focused exclusively immigration Law, our extensive experience allows us understand the needs of our clients and provide the personalized and strategic immigration services to facilitate our clients’ objectives. At Sikand Immigration Law Professional Corporation , our clients receive the professionalism, practical advice and accessibility to their lawyer that is essential to achieving their goals.

The immigration process is becoming more complex and it is increasingly important to have the guidance of an experienced lawyer with expertise in immigration laws and their implications to effectively navigate the process.

We believe in providing all of our clients the strategic, personalized and cost-effective legal representation they expect and deserve for their immigration matters.

About Us

Led by Principal Immi Sikand, Sikand Immigration Law is a distinguished legal firm known for its expertise in navigating the complexities of immigration law. Known for their proficiency in both family-based and employment-based immigration cases, the firm takes a personalized approach, offering clear and insightful counsel while meticulously advocating for their clients. Immi Sikand’s leadership and the team’s deep understanding of the intricate legal landscape coupled with a compassionate and client-centric approach sets them apart, making Sikand Immigration Law a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking proficient immigration legal assistance.


Our Services

Individual Immigration

Individual immigration refers to the process by which a person seeks to relocate from one country to another for reasons such as work, study, family reunification, seeking asylum, or to reside in a new country permanently.

Business Immigration

Business immigration is critical to Canada’s economic success and is primarily driven by the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) seeking to attract business applicants

Family Immigration

Family immigration is a critical component of immigration law that centers on reuniting family members by allowing foreign nationals to join or be reunited with their relatives who are either citizens or lawful permanent residents of a specific country.

Canadian Work Permits

Canadian work permits are legal authorizations that allow foreign individuals to work in Canada for a specified period. These permits are typically required for individuals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents.


“We often work on tight timelines with urgent travellers and know we can trust Sikand Immigration Law to pull together the required documentation urgently. She is a thorough expert who can be relied for responsiveness and assured results, I would not hesitate to recommend Immi. ”

“Immi was my representative when I went for my PR and explained me every single step. She was also responsive to all my inquiries and each time I had a question, she was very helpful… I will blindly refer her to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.”

“Immi successfully helped me through the process of applying for permanent residence In Canada (I am now a resident!). She was incredibly helpful, efficient and effective. She made the whole thing very simple and painless – I would highly recommend her. ”

“My wife and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service and caring support we received throughout. Immi’s passion for helping people navigate what can seem a complex and daunting journey is always evident. I warmly recommend her to anyone who needs immigration assistance. ”

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